About Codiverse

On codiverse I want to share my upcoming adventures and experiences with you. The focus of this site is about coding and technology. Discover and learn new things through news, tips, projects and Let's Code sessions.

It's a lot of fun to use different programming languges and to develop different type of things. It doesn't matter if those are tools, games, websites, business applications or mobile apps. All of them have their own challenges and therefore each of them is interesting. Last but not least, it's like building a house, unless your last backup is faulty.

This site is meant to share something for you, but any feedback from you will also be a big revenue for me. This way I can improve myself and experience new ways. I hope you enjoy your stay in the coding universe, and feel free to get in touch with me. I'm always open for new suggestions.

Coding for fun! ;-)

About Me

Hi! Welcome to my universe about coding. My name is Frank Wolters and I'm a 22 years old developer born in Germany. Somehow I cruised through the entire world and so I lived also in other countries like USA, Switzerland and Austria. Last one is still my current location.

I have a passion for coding since I first came in touch with it when I was in the age of 15. For me coding is not just work but also fun. I went to the HTL Villach Department of Information Technology, which I graduaded with honors in June 2013. Now I am working for an Austrian company as a traveling developer through the entire EMEA region.

Like (hopefully) everyone else I have dreams too, and one of them is to join the USC Viterbi School of Engineering. They have an amazing (!!) institution, the ICT (Institute for Creative Technology) with really awesome technology and stuff. Their labs have a focus on Artifical Intelligence and Virtual Reality. Simply awesome!

I am always open for new technologies and projects. If you have a challenge, here I am!

A universe just about coding adventures and experiences - coding for fun!

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