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A ping from the coding universe!

Frank Wolters, November 25 2013 at 3:43 PM

After years of traveling in the unknown and deep space and almost feeling lost, you receive a weak signal from somewhere in the dark. You want to know where it comes from and immediately give instructions to set full power on the speed engine of your space ship B.R.O.W.S.E.R, to follow that ping from Suddenly you are crossing the boundaries of the coding universe - yay, you finally found it! Now you are here and it just feels like another deep lost and empty space. But a voice tells you, that there are so many things you could discover inside the codiverse, if you give it some time. Just imagine all those different and interesting technologies that can be found on the planets of the coding universe. They are full of exciting languages speaken by their populations. Some of them might feel like very complex and intelligent and others more primitive and dumb. Are you ready for an coding adventure?

So you finally found my site in that big wire of networks called Internet. First of all I should introduce myself. My name is Frank Wolters and I'm from Germany, currently living in Austria not that far from Vienna. I'm a coding enthusiast, who really enjoys programming and being creative. My focus is on web, game and software (tools) development. If it's anything about coding and technology - here I am! Since now I got used to C, some C++, C#, ASP.NET, Java, PHP, JavaScript (& jQuery), (X)HTML, CSS and some other stuff. I like to improve my coding skills and to learn new things. My favourite topics in coding are Virtual Reality and Artifical Intelligence, which is also the reason that I want to study computer science in the future, doing studies and research in these fields. I also enjoy photography, especially macro. Well, that was enough about me.

The coding universe is a place for my personal thoughts and experiences with coding and technologies, but also for news and tips that might be useful to you. The name was chosen because of two reasons: 1) I really love science fiction (Stargate) and I like the mystery of the real space. 2) an universe is about a whole thing, and this site is simply about coding and technology. In the future you will get recent news about coding and technologies, my projects and experiences that I gained from development. Additionally you might find some tips and tutorials. And as a little suprise, there will be something special available in the next months, the CodiBot

Thanks for reading my first blog post. I hope you enjoyed it and you are always welcomed to cross the boundaries of the coding universe. At the moment there are still some construction areas, so the site might change a little bit.

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