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Codiverse currently under Development

Frank Wolters, October 22 2013 at 1:18 PM

There are a lot of changes coming, because I am developing a new CMS for codiverse. Many years have passed since I purchased this domain and also a few attempts of launching this site, with very different designs and ideas. However, I never really published any content, because this site never has been finished. It was really difficult for me and I do not know why exactly, maybe because this is the one sinlge site, that is supposed to be my very special one and I want it to be perfect. I spent so much time into many designs, worked days and weeks and then threw everything into the corner. After month or years I picked the work up again, with new designs, new ideas but the same happened again and again. It was like an endless loop. Anyway, I figured out that my site does not need to be perfect but I also had a new idea, with which I am really confident. Within the next weeks codiverse will finally go online and it would be really nice if you have a look then. Thanks for reading!

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