Fight against waves of Ninjas, alone or together with your friend and enjoy the fun of the Microsoft Kinect.

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  • Published: December 21 2012
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About this Project

This way my first Kinect game together with a school mate. The idea is pretty simple: Up to two players are in the centre of the map trying to defend against wild spawning ninjas from every side. It would be easy if there would not be a health restriction. Each player is given 3 hearts, and as soon as one of the players drops to 0 the game is over. It is interesting how funny this simple game can be with the motion sensor Kinect and how exhausting the movement can become. The first version of this game has been developed with the Kinect Beta SDK and was pure 2D. Now it is a relaunch with some fancy 3D models shown as a 2D plane.


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